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14 Oct

A computer application in mathematics

TweetAn article under that caption appeared in the Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 59 (2010) 296-297, published by ELSEVIER, a world-wide publisher. I hope the article is a hilarious joke. It is very short. So short, it can be included in a single quote of a decent length. The reason I am concerned is that […]

13 Sep

McDougal Littell Algebra 1: First Impression

TweetI am a proud parent: my 11 years old son takes a 7th grade Algebra 1 Honors class. Judging by the homework assignments and my kid's notes, the 6th grade math teacher was rather inept in the subject matter. The topics came one after another with no indication of any relationship between any two. To […]

30 May

Making Proof a Joke

TweetI just received a copy of Paul Lockhart's A Mathematician's Lament. He has much to say about the role of proof in mathematics and math education and their treatment in school curriculum. I have also written repeatedly about the rampant misconception exhibited by teachers of what a proof is and the process of arriving at […]

09 Dec

Rabbits Reproduce; Integers Don't

TweetMathematical induction fallacy "proves" that all rabbits are of the same color. Edward Barbeau quotes a computer science student who offered this refutation: For the basis of induction pick any one rabbit. By default, the rabbit is of the same color with itself. For the inductive step, assume that any set of fewer than n […]

20 Dec

Seeking an advice

TweetI have recently received an email from India Date: 17/12/2008 To, Prof. and Head Department of Mathematics Dear Sir, Sub: Article 'Triangle Construction - a new method' A new method to make geometrical triangle through circum-circle is invented by the applicant. The concept has important bearings in derivation of many theories like triangle of forces, […]

21 Jun

A cure for all ills

TweetOn Wednesday, June 4, 2008,  Rochester Democrat and Chronicle published an article by Latoya Manon. The article under the title Teachers cannot teach if students refuse to learn raised several very resaonable questions as to the validity of the comprehensive approach fostered by the NCLB program. Here are a few examples: # What would you […]

18 May

Percentage blunders

TweetWhatever you teach, and whenever, for the lack of understanding, the atmosphere becomes dense with gloom, it often helps to dissolve the tension with a joyful observation. Following are a few human blunders suitable to work if the topic of the study is percentages. These came from the hilarious Oxymoronica by Dr. Mardy Grothe. "If […]

15 May

Arithmetic in the news

TweetThe visit of President Bush on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of establishment of Israel received a wide news coverage. There was a persistent speculation that the president will bring along some parting gifts, perhaps as a substitute for releasing Jonathan Pollard from incarceration that lasted well beyond any reasonable and moral norms. One possibility discussed […]

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