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07 Jul

What Is It About Math Language That Makes It Confusing?

TweetThrough a Linkedin discussion I came across an interesting blog offering an advice of how to handle the situation where "words have different meanings in academic subjects than they have in everyday language." There is a couple of nice examples: ... reducing a fraction to lowest terms has no effect on its value (e.g., 6/8 […]

05 Mar

How to Make Your Own Divisibility Criteria

Tweet[mathjax] A decimal integer has the form A divisibility criterion is a procedure, in some sense simpler than straight division, that allows us to determine whether or not number is divisible by another number . For example, is divisible by if and only if the sum of digits is divisible by . For example, is […]

18 Feb

Math Teachers at Play - a Blog Carnival, February 2011

TweetThe Math Teachers at Play blog carnival had several articles that especially drew my attention. The visual for explaining and using Equivalent Fractions, Sue Downing found at the Wikiversity website is indeed wonderful. It requires hardly an explanation and beautifully applies to explain the division of fractions process: It is a pity the Wikiversity page […]

16 Feb

Area of a Circle

TweetEuclid did not know yet that the same constant () appears in the formula for the circumference and the area of a circle. Archimedes did, athough his method of approximating either by exausting the circle with regular polygons does not make this quite obvious. In the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci, and in the 17th […]

16 Jul

Math teachers at play carnival #28, P.S.

TweetDue to a freak accident, the 28th issue of the Math teachers at play carnival went out two days before a submission deadline. With sincerest apologies I'd like to mention the submissions that arrived after the accident. John Golden, a.k.a. Math Hombre, celebrates a full circle day (6/28) with an article on Similarity and π. […]

13 Jul

Math teachers at play carnival

TweetThis is a Math teachers at play carnival, issue # which I am going to reveal shortly. See if you can make it from what is known as a single image stereogram. Try focusing your eyes behind the screen. In this month issue: What is the number of this issue? Sad news Interesting and relevant […]

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