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15 Jun

Two quotes on math education

TweetThere is a firmly held belief that study of mathematics has a benevolent effect on brain development. I am not aware of any research that supports this thesis. The evidence is mostly anecdotal, like that expressed in the following quote: To those of us who have not pursued the study of mathematics since college days […]

20 Sep

What a tradition!

TweetThis one is rather cryptic but may be heard quite frequently: The main task of any teacher is to make a subject interesting. To my ear, this one relates the sources to the last decade, say, or so. Some excellent teaching has been heard over the wireless. Traditions do not just pop up: it takes […]

04 Jul

Then as now ...

TweetI came across the one page article reproduced below by sheer accident. Come to think of it: in the seventy years since it was published we got television, rockets, stepped on the Moon, saw computers become an appliance and born a witness to many other technological wonders. However, math education is still raising the same […]

11 Feb

Our standards for school graduation

TweetQuiz yourself: how old is that quote: Our standard for high school graduation has slipped badly. Fifty years ago a high-school diploma meant something. We have simply misled our students and misled the nation by handing out high-school diplomas to those who we well know had none of the intellectual qualifications that a high-school diploma […]

11 Feb

The case for a reform

TweetQuiz yourself. Would you know where the quote below comes from? It is to be hoped that the near future will bring reforms in the mathematical teaching in this country. We are in sad need of them. From nearly all of our colleges and universities comes the loud complaint of inefficient preparation on the part […]

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