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27 Feb

Computers - then and now - from personal experience

The backbone of the project was an iterative process devised by von Neumann and Jule Charney. ENIAC was operated via punched cards. The calculations were performed by the computer but it was humans who fed the computer punched cards input. The output also consisted of punched cards, and again it were the human operators who had to collate the cards and submit the bunch to the computer for the next iteration

19 Sep

The leapfrog problem - who is right?

Tweet In chapter 7 of his book Number-Crunching Paul Nahin treats a "Leapfrog" problem posed by M. Schwartz from Ventura, CA, to Marylin von Savant in her "Ask Marylin" column: A friend and I once went from his house to mine with one bike. I started walking and he rode the bike. When he got […]

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