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03 May

No Need To Lose the Battle

In passing, I totally disagree with Tanya's thesis that "People who think make better decisions, whether they want to buy a house or vote for a president." That's factually wrong. This would be rather presumptuous to assume that the ones who disagree with one's choice of a president give their vote thoughtlessly. I am certain Tanya did not mean that.

18 Oct

Curvy Dissections

TweetNowadays, finding the area of curvilinear shapes falls in the purview of calculus. But the problem of finding areas draw much interest in antiquity and preoccupied mathematicians ever since. One of the acknowledged results by Hippocrates of Chios (470-410 B.C.) is the Squaring of a Lune. The problem of squaring a shape refers to a […]

01 Jul

Engaging math activities for the summer break - Day 6

TweetMuch of problem solving in mathematics is about finding a representation in a way that simplifies if not trivializes a given problem. Come to think of it, putting a word problem into algebraic terms - as an equation or a system of equations - is ultimately finding another representation of the problem, a representation more […]

04 Jun

PWW: How Geometry Helps Algebra

TweetProofs Without Words is a great educational device that helps students understand and teachers convey mathematical facts. Professor Roger Nelson of Lewis & Clark College has a special knack for the PWW; a rare issue of Mathematics Magazine comes out without one if his creations. The latest (June 2011) is no exception. What do you […]

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