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24 Apr

Environmental impact of power lines

This is to simply document my observation which I've been mulling over for a long time until very recently.

A couple of streets that I daily drive over are lined with trees whose branches seem to exhibit strange growth pattern. While their older branches point unremarkably each other way, the younger ones sprout pretty much vertically

15 May

Reflections captured in photo II

When shooting in proximity to a puddle, the reflection of an object comes out sharp is the focus taken is as if you were shooting the object itself. This becomes quite clear when you compare the two pictures below. In the first one focus is on the reflection, in the second it's on the surface of the puddle.

14 Feb

The Butterfly Effect

I realize that the book was shipped some time before the tweeter discussion has started; still, the thought that there might be a relation to the butterfly effect crossed my mind. On opening the book I almost immediately noticed a cartoon that did not immediately invoke any connection to weather prediction

09 Jun

Archimedes' Law of Buoyancy

Every body has a shape. Bodies may have the same or different shapes. We visualize a shape as separate from any connection to any physical body. Shapes have volume.

There are various forces that act on a physical body: gravity, air pressure, surface tension, forces due to the possible interaction of the surface of the body with the surrounding environment. For a derivation of Archimedes' law, we make an assumption that, excluding the weight, the force total that acts on a body in a given environment depends solely on the shape of the body. This is a reasonable assumption, especially because we shall be only interested in the bodies of the same shape that occupy a fixed volume, i.e., the bodies that may occupy the same physical space.

17 Apr

An Anti-cultural Aspect of Consructivism

TweetThe basic tenet of constructivism - a trend in the theory of education and pedagogical practice - is that children learn by actively constructing their own knowledge as opposed to being seen as empty vessels to be filled with pre-existent information. There are of course legitimate doubts whether every child is capable of rediscovering all […]

11 Sep

Physics Minus Mathematics: The Week of Creation

Tweet Author Paul H. Nahin tells in Introduction to his new book how on several occasions the Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman spoke condescendingly of mathematics. Nahin suggests that "Mathematics is trivial, but I can't do my work without it" may have been a joke and should not be taken too seriously. He may be […]

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