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02 Apr

An impossible building, at least this is how it looks

I have very little time driving through Newark, NJ when I cauaght the site of the Panasonic building. It absolutely appears an impossible structure that reminded me of an old applet Structural Constellation one example of which you can see below

01 Aug

Distance to the Horizon on the Fourth of July

TweetI had the luck to celebrate the past 4th of July with our friends in their newly acquired home just above the marina in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. The view from their backyard was absolutely breathtaking. The ambient light that appeared to blur the background made the view even more enchanting. Here is a map that […]

24 Apr

Environmental impact of power lines

This is to simply document my observation which I've been mulling over for a long time until very recently.

A couple of streets that I daily drive over are lined with trees whose branches seem to exhibit strange growth pattern. While their older branches point unremarkably each other way, the younger ones sprout pretty much vertically

25 Dec

Math Associations on a Trip to Longwood Gardens, PA

TweetInterference A projectile / an arrow Circle packing Ball packing Bifurcation Hairy Ball Theorem Two parabolas Paraboloid Up and Down Sunset Just watching this sunset was worth the trip

30 Aug

Math Associations on a Field Trip

I am just back from a wonderful 10 day trip to the central Alaska. It was cloudy and rainy for the first two days; low clouds common to Alaska were covering mountain peaks and even tree tops. But then the skies have cleared, the visibility was perfect, and the imagery of mountain ridges and jagged portions of glaciers easily evoked the idea of fractals. On a flight from Anchorage to Coldfoot it was fascinating to observe that many clouds had perfectly smooth flat bottoms that at a distance projected into straight lines.

15 May

Fowl Photos for Subitizing

Subitizing is the ability to discern the number of object on a group without actually counting the objects. Even babies and animals do subitizing with small groups. The photos below present an opportunity for subitizing in increasing order of difficulty.

15 May

Reflections captured in photo II

When shooting in proximity to a puddle, the reflection of an object comes out sharp is the focus taken is as if you were shooting the object itself. This becomes quite clear when you compare the two pictures below. In the first one focus is on the reflection, in the second it's on the surface of the puddle.

28 Mar

Reflections captured in photo II


27 Mar

Robert Taplin's Isometries

TweetRobert Taplin's work is on display at the Ground of Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ. To add the magic, these had to be viewed at night as in And an extra one from the permanent collection

20 Mar

Reflections captured in photo I

TweetSeveral photos that I took on a deck of my house and on a short trip to a park next to the Raritan river. Some reflections are surprisingly accurate; some are disturbed with ripples in the water. The ripples may be caused by wind, or by fowl.

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