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29 Jan

Wizards, Aliens, and Starships

Truth be told, at the outset, when I realized what the book was about, I was a little annoyed. Science is science and fantasy is fantasy, and one may not want to know that there might be something wrong with the concepts in the book one is enjoying. Should everything be laid bare? That's literature we are talking about, for crying out loud, not textbooks or manuals! But Adler's writing is lucid and engaging and it sucks you in. There are so many whys and whats that I eventually developed a feeling that reality may be by far more interesting then any kind of fiction.

08 Jun

Serendipity and Luck

Although the role of serendipity is familiar, what's not so well appreciated is how different serendipity is from luck. Serendipity is not just an apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries accidentally, as my dictionary defines it. Serendipitous discoveries are always made by people in a particular frame of mind, people who are focused and alert because they're searching for something. They just happen to find something else.

09 Nov

Enchanted by Fascinating Mathematical People

Tweet This is a beautifully illustrated collection of interviews and biographical etudes of 16 mathematicians of different backgrounds, varied professional interests, diverse level of achievement - all incredibly interesting as human beings. The sixteen interviewees lived and were active in the 1900s, though some are yet alive; the stories throw light - if only in […]

14 Sep

By Wit of Woman

TweetBy Wit of Woman is a novel by Arthur Marchmont (1852-1923), a popular author who wrote around the turn of the 20th century. He penned several best-sellers, By Wit of Woman among them. The book is written in the name of a young woman who set out to clear her father's name. I just came […]

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