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14 Sep

Review of Coffee, Love and Matrix Algebra

Although a mathematics professor, Gary navigates his story with the skill of a professional writer. He narrates his story that takes several imaginative turns with confidence of a participant and kind humor of life's keen observer. That's a great story, masterfully and engagingly told. Read and enjoy.

24 Apr

Environmental impact of power lines

This is to simply document my observation which I've been mulling over for a long time until very recently.

A couple of streets that I daily drive over are lined with trees whose branches seem to exhibit strange growth pattern. While their older branches point unremarkably each other way, the younger ones sprout pretty much vertically

15 Oct

The Half-Life of Facts and Phase Transitions

Our knowledge is also subject to state transitions. Two 1995 papers by Andrew Wiles and Richard Taylor marked the end of a 300 years long search for a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Interestingly and surprisingly, there are other laws - expressed pretty much mathematically - that govern the rate with which knowledge accrues and spreads, and how long it remains current. The latter is reflected in the title of the book.

06 Sep

Viewing Raphael's School of Athens

I actually caught a fellow sliding a hand into my trouser pocket in a bus and had a good time watching a taxi driver's performance that included rolling up the eyes and slapping himself on cheeks. Having been forewarned, I truly enjoyed the two incidents.

In contrast, I was rather disappointed to find the famous School of Athens in such modest quarters. I was awed in the presence of the great work, but could not see it all at once (like you see the reproduction above, which I believe was made with wide lenses, too.) If it only were my choice ...

14 Aug

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

Be as it may, I find it significant that the two math professors chose a venue other than employing Algebra as a tool for improving their readers' thinking. Had the book been written around an algebra course it would have no competitors.

07 Jul

It Takes a Mathematician to Appreciate Architecture

The Dean wondered why he had promised the professor of mathematics to do all he could for this boy. Merely because the professor had said: "This," and pointed to Roark's project, "is a great man." A great man, thought the Dean, or a criminal. The Dean winced. He did not approve of either.

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