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26 May

Indivisibles and Infinitesimals

Tweet If you are not a historian of mathematics and do not work in the foundation of calculus, you may easily confuse two concepts - indivisibles and infinitesimals - that are both claimed to underlie modern calculus. For example (see Mikhail Katz and David Sherry) mention a paragraph from C. Boyer (The concepts of the […]

07 Jul

What Is It About Math Language That Makes It Confusing?

TweetThrough a Linkedin discussion I came across an interesting blog offering an advice of how to handle the situation where "words have different meanings in academic subjects than they have in everyday language." There is a couple of nice examples: ... reducing a fraction to lowest terms has no effect on its value (e.g., 6/8 […]

12 Apr

Perverse logic

TweetThe famous British philosopher, mathematician, and author, the Nobel Prize winner, Bertrand Russell was known for his acrimonious wit and sharp observations. One of his oft-quoted pronouncements - when is taken out of context - is a persistent cause of embarrassment to math educators and mathematicians. ... mathematics may be defined as the subject in […]

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