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19 Sep

A Magical Incident due to the Paypal's Policy

I believe that the discrete variant makes the solution more transparent. For example, think of coffee and cream not as liquids but as collections of molecules. Since the number of molecules in the two glasses remains the same even after repeated iterations, cream molecules in the "water" glass come at the expenses of the water molecules in the "cream" glass and, therefore, the two quantities are equal.

24 May

Three Checker Game on a One Row Board

TweetThe setup for the 2-players game described below consists of three checkers placed on a K×1 board: A move consists in picking one of the outside checkers and placing it anywhere between the other two. Here's a sequence of two successive moves. As usual, players take turns. The one who can't make a move loses […]

21 May

Engaging Math Activities for the Summer Break

TweetBelow is a growing collection of resources I designate as "Summer Math Activities". These deal with various (mostly non-computational) aspects of early mathematics and are suitable for young children. There is no good reason not to try these activities at any other time of the year. During summertime, with the kids out of school or […]

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