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28 May

Biochemical Algorithms and School Algebra

You know, the nurses there did not appear to lack in intelligence. They carried out intellectually demanding jobs, most of the time sitting in front of networked computers or handling mobile devices. I did not dare to asked her whether or not she took an algebra course either in high school or a college. It was obvious that, even if she did, the powerful algebraic tools that were (and are) being peddled to students for their own good by the education establishment had little effect on her thinking or the excellent manner in which she carried out her duties.

17 Oct

Education as Service - Educational system as a platform

TweetIf you have not read yet a memo by Steve's Google Platform rant, you should. A first-hand account on management practice and philosophy differences between Amazon and Google. The memo has been intended for internal google distribution but somehow found its way to a wider audience. Besides revealing some truths about the two successful online […]

28 May

Daddy's Day at School

TweetA few days ago my 11 years old son told me he would like to forward me an email he received from one of his friends and whether I would mind. The boy was noticeably agitated and appeared on the verge of tears. The message he sent is below. I just want to say how […]

10 Feb

Debunking Education Myths: America's Never Been Number One in Math

TweetThis is a quote from an article by Liz Dwyer from the Good Education website. Has America really fallen behind the rest of the world in academic achievement? According to a new report from the nonprofit Brookings Institution, all the doom-and-gloom commentary suggesting that we've fallen from the top spot simply isn't true. And, even […]

28 Nov

The Wisdom of Inflection Points

TweetGoing through a stack of math magazines collecting dust at a corner of my home office, I came across a September 17, 2008 quote from the future Vice President Joe Biden at a campaign rally (Am Math Monthly, v 116, n 4, p 341. Thanks to Pamela Pierce): Remember your calculus class, you learned about […]

02 Aug

Are Australian Elections Fair As Claimed?

TweetCSIRO Education, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations distribute a useful and interesting newsletter. The newsletter consists usually of a main article and several small problems. This time, the main article dealt with Preferential voting. Towards the end there appeared a claim to the effect that […]

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