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28 Mar

Reflections captured in photo II


27 Mar

Robert Taplin's Isometries

TweetRobert Taplin's work is on display at the Ground of Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ. To add the magic, these had to be viewed at night as in And an extra one from the permanent collection

20 Mar

Reflections captured in photo I

TweetSeveral photos that I took on a deck of my house and on a short trip to a park next to the Raritan river. Some reflections are surprisingly accurate; some are disturbed with ripples in the water. The ripples may be caused by wind, or by fowl.

20 Mar

The Golden Ticket: P, NP, and the Search for the Impossible

The only known serious approach to the N versus NP problem today is due to Ketan Mulmuley from t he University of Chicago. He has shown that solving some difficult problems in a mathematical field called algebraic geometry (considerably more complex than high school algebra and geometry) may lead to a proof that N ≠ NP. But resolving these algebraic geometry problems may require mathematical techniques far beyond what we have available today.

12 Mar

Why cats land on their feet - a problem of 80 years standing!

Now, the thing that surprised me most in the course of the investigation was a wikipedia reference to the 1969 article by T. Kane and M. P. Scher "A dynamical explanation of the falling cat phenomenon" (International Journal of Solids and Structures 5 (7): 663–670. doi:10.1016/0020-7683(69)90086-9), as the solution as "originally due to (Kane & Scher 1969)." This appears to imply that the problem remained (officially, at least) unsolved for about 80 long years - quite on a par with the, say, better known Poincaré conjecture. But think of it, most probably the members of the Académie des sciences in Paris were not the first to ponder the question, which leads to a conclusion that the question has a much longer history. Hmm, I would never guess.

01 Mar

Photo cameras I owned

One of surprises that I came across while hunting for a new camera online, was that in all likelihood Powershot G2 became a collectors item. At amazon.com it is more expensive than the Rebel, at Sears it fetches a hefty $1763.62. Alas, on eBay it is offered for $36.25

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