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27 Feb

Computers - then and now - from personal experience

The backbone of the project was an iterative process devised by von Neumann and Jule Charney. ENIAC was operated via punched cards. The calculations were performed by the computer but it was humans who fed the computer punched cards input. The output also consisted of punched cards, and again it were the human operators who had to collate the cards and submit the bunch to the computer for the next iteration

14 Feb

The Butterfly Effect

I realize that the book was shipped some time before the tweeter discussion has started; still, the thought that there might be a relation to the butterfly effect crossed my mind. On opening the book I almost immediately noticed a cartoon that did not immediately invoke any connection to weather prediction

03 Feb

What happens to the area when the radius of circle is doubled?

TweetAssume you work with the kids who do not yet know the famous formula for the area of a circle of radius . How would you explain to the kids that the area of the circle quadruples when the radius doubles? This is the question raised by Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska at the mathfuture google group. For […]

01 Feb

Mathematical Circle Diaries, Year 1

The country of FarAwaynia is composed of several states and also has several political parties. Once, a group of FarAwaynian politicians got together for a dinner. It is known that the group contained people from at least to different states and from at least two different parties. Prove that there were two politicians at the dinner that represented different states and belonged to different parties.

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