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15 Jan

Henri Poincaré: A Scientific Biography

Other chapters are organized topically, not chronologically. Each illuminates in depth one or other of Poincaré's works but all are set in context both historical and temathic such that each can serve as an introduction into the many subjects to which Poincaré made a contribution. Much of the book is a descriptive narrative, but the author never shies from displaying equations (even PDE and integral ones) when this is essential for the subject. I do not know whether this style has caused a price reduction, but for a book of this size, depth, and breadth, $33.10 (the amazon.com price) is an exceptional bargain.

14 Jan

Inspiration, Perspiration and Satisfaction

Still, there is great satisfaction in having solved a problem - even a simple one, and extra satisfaction in being able to appreciate an elegant proof; this kind of satisfaction is multiplied manifold after you devised a solution on your own. Yes, it all may start with inspiration, but to keep the flame burning involves hard work. The upside is that eventually it all comes together when, with evolving habit of solving problems, one begins to realize how right is the paraphrase of the well known statement by Thomas A. Edison: Solving problems is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. The more you sweat the greater is the satisfaction.

13 Jan

A Pair of Probability Games for Beginners

The second problem is subtler and sounds rather deceptive: of 6 possible outcomes of one throw of a single die, 2 or 5 come up with the probability of \displaystyle\frac{1}{3} \lt \frac{1}{2}. However, the situations changes drastically when two dice are tossed

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