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24 Sep

Guesstimation and Guesstimation 2.0

Guesstimation is a delightful and useful exercise in making quick educated, albeit rude - within a factor of 10, estimates. The term has been around from the 1930s and is often associated with the name of the legendary physicist Enrico Fermi. ...there is no use in attempting to describe all 200 (an estimate) questions or to tell you which one I liked the most. There are truly enough of them to satisfy any taste and even more to show convincingly how useful the guesstimation skill is. The books do a wonderful jobs at helping the reader to master the craft.

19 Sep

A Magical Incident due to the Paypal's Policy

I believe that the discrete variant makes the solution more transparent. For example, think of coffee and cream not as liquids but as collections of molecules. Since the number of molecules in the two glasses remains the same even after repeated iterations, cream molecules in the "water" glass come at the expenses of the water molecules in the "cream" glass and, therefore, the two quantities are equal.

11 Sep

Solving Puzzles with Socrates

This remark helps solved the following problem: in the diagram below, sum the areas of the circles in the two squares; which is larger: the sum of the two areas on the left or that of the four circles on the right? Or, may they per chance be equal?

10 Sep

104 Puzzles in One Book

On the whole, this is a lovely book that both extends and complements the previous four. One does not have to love all of the included puzzles, but their number and variety practically guarantees that there are many that you will enjoy.

06 Sep

Viewing Raphael's School of Athens

I actually caught a fellow sliding a hand into my trouser pocket in a bus and had a good time watching a taxi driver's performance that included rolling up the eyes and slapping himself on cheeks. Having been forewarned, I truly enjoyed the two incidents.

In contrast, I was rather disappointed to find the famous School of Athens in such modest quarters. I was awed in the presence of the great work, but could not see it all at once (like you see the reproduction above, which I believe was made with wide lenses, too.) If it only were my choice ...

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