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14 Aug

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

Be as it may, I find it significant that the two math professors chose a venue other than employing Algebra as a tool for improving their readers' thinking. Had the book been written around an algebra course it would have no competitors.

11 Aug

Geometry in Providence

Providence, RI is an enchanting city. Here are three pictures from a recent trip. A frieze pattern. Triangles - to color and to count. Vanity of human travails.

10 Aug

(Mathematical) Excursions into World's Great Buildings

The book is lavishly illustrated - both its architectural and mathematical strands come pretty much alive in the abundance of drawings and diagrams. From this perspective, the book must be very suitable for an advanced Liberal Arts mathematics course; however the aesthetic focus of the book makes it a cultural phenomenon. I would suggest consulting the book before a trip to Europe, Middle East, or Australia. Details and depth of coverage brought to you by Alexander Hahn are in line to complement more common travel guides.

08 Aug

Leonardo's Petals

Leonardo da Vinci's Notebooks contain many examples of geometric designs with circles and squares. Here's two design patterns obtained as a combination of a circle and four circles half its size. If r is the radius of the big circle, the small ones have radius r/2 and touch pairwise between themselves and also the big circle. Petals and flowers are formed. What is their area?

07 Aug

Evolution of a problem and an answer II

The figure below depicts a deep circular lake, 300 yards in diameter, with a small island at the center. The two small spots are trees. A man who cannot swim has a rope a few yards longer than 300 yards. How does he use it as a means of getting to the island?

02 Aug

Evolution of a problem and an answer

TweetIn grades 1 through 5, my little boy went to a private Hebrew school. Every day I drove him there and then picked him up at the end of the day - half an hour drive each way. We spent the combined hour mostly talking of mathematics. For the next three years he took the […]

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