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21 May

Engaging Math Activities for the Summer Break

Below is a growing collection of resources I designate as "Summer Math Activities". These deal with various (mostly non-computational) aspects of early mathematics and are suitable for young children. There is no good reason not to try these activities at any other time of the year. During summertime, with the kids out of school or kindergarten, it may be more urgent to occupy them in a meaningful way.

  1. Parity Games
  2. First proofs: forming polygons with matches or pins
  3. Braids, beginning combinatorics, task distribution
  4. Filling a matrix with 0s and 1s
  5. TicTacToe in four disguises
  6. Breaking chocolate bars and counting
  7. Puzzles solved by modified representation
  8. Candy game: how to divide candy evenly
  9. Cutting and counting strings: multiplication and addition
  10. A number sieve
  11. Graph and its complementary graphs
  12. Coloring cubes and tetrahedra
  13. Meeting acquaintances in groups
  14. Math Magic with digits of integers
  15. Splitting numbers in two groups and summing up the differences
  16. The magic of 1: always climbs to the top
  17. Combining 3- and 4-pyramids and visualizing their volume
  18. Unraveling the secret of ISBN
  19. Three Checkers Game one a One Row Board
  20. Jumping on a Clock Face
  21. Dominoes and Chessboard Activities
  22. Fibonacci Numbers Magic
  23. Matchsticks Puzzles
  24. Word Problems with Percents

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