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19 May

Math Photos

Here's a small collection of my recent photos that seem to have some bearing on questions in mathematics.

The first one is the coat of arms atop the Governor's palace, Williamsburg, VA. Perhaps surprisingly, the inscriptions are in French. But in addition, there is a curious combination of symmetry and asymmetry that

Here's a perspective paradox I observed on a trip to Paris. Seen from Rodin's Garden, the Tower of Eiffel appears shorter than the church at the Hotel des Invalides.

The Centre Pompidou is probably one of the ugliest building in Paris, but very functional. It houses some bureaucracy, libraries, and exhibitions. The photo shows interference patterns from a feeble rain on an open terrace atop the building.

My boy strolls on the Place Vendome. The Vendome column with a statue of Napoleon is to the right but is not shown. There is something else wrong with the picture.

Here's a perspective view at Claude Monet's garden, Giverny, France. The place is about 1 hour ride by train from Paris. It was very much worth it if only to see this

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