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29 Mar

Chinese Remainder Theorem: an Application to Chronology

TweetI am reading an unusual book on an extraordinary weird subject. A Canadian mathematician Florin Diacu's The Lost Millennium collides two points of view on the existing chronology: one would shorten it by about a thousand years. Along the way, Diacu meticulously pursues the origin and evolution of chronology as a science. This is a […]

19 Mar

What Is Origami?

TweetOrigami is an ancient Japanese art of paper folding, with adherents all over the world. Origami has a mathematical side to it and, as a tool of geometric construction, is more powerful than the Euclidean straightedge and compass. (For example, angle trisection is possible by paper folding.) Is it silly to ask, How much folding […]

19 Mar

Why Algebra?

TweetI often wondered why in the last decades educational reformers put so much emphasis on studying algebra. Until about 200 years ago studying geometry was the surest way on the road to mastering logical thinking. Personally, I do not believe the latter and doubt that emphasis on algebra will do any good to the current […]

16 Mar

Pinocchio as Epimenides

TweetThis is a short note for the record. I've been preparing a page on the indivisibles (not ready yet), when my eighth grader boy came up to share his solutions to a couple of olympiad problems. We talked a few minutes about the olympiad and then, sensing his mood, I decided to catch the moment […]

12 Mar

The Joy of Homogeneity, a Sequel

TweetIn the previous post, The Joy of Homogeneity, I followed Gary Davis in establishing a statement observe by Ben Vitale. Ben's observation had to do with fractions in which both the numerator and denominator were sums of consecutive odd numbers. So that, for example, and, more generally, Allen Pinkall left a commenet on the original […]

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