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28 May

Daddy's Day at School

TweetA few days ago my 11 years old son told me he would like to forward me an email he received from one of his friends and whether I would mind. The boy was noticeably agitated and appeared on the verge of tears. The message he sent is below. I just want to say how […]

19 May

Problems with Many Solutions

TweetTo an average student (and, perhaps, an average teacher used to teaching from a textbook) it may come as a surprise that there are numerous problems with multiple known solutions. "How come?" - may wonder the average student, "Who would want the drudge of solving a problem whose solution is already known?" Why, it's a […]

06 May

Making Invisible Visible

TweetMy 11 years old boy showed a commendable attention to detail, asking me: "What is wrong with this picture?" (The picture is a part of a side view of a Tropicana Orange Juice carton.) Do you see what's wrong? Well, for all I know, perhaps nothing. For example, the orange pyramid may occlude a couple […]

04 May

Let Them Count by My Boys

Tweet This is a small book written by one of my boys and illustrated by the other. The idea is along the lines discussed in my previous post. Any group of objects has an associated attribute that reflects on the size of the group. This attribute is called Number; its presence and uniqueness is what […]

04 May

Math Behind Counting

TweetHere is a quote from Piaget’s Genetic Epistemology (pp.16–17) I came across in a forthcoming book by Alexandre Borovik (p. 194 as of 3 May, 2011): This example, one we have studied quite thoroughly with many children, was first suggested to me by a mathematician friend who quoted it as the point of departure of […]

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