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18 May

Percentage blunders

TweetWhatever you teach, and whenever, for the lack of understanding, the atmosphere becomes dense with gloom, it often helps to dissolve the tension with a joyful observation. Following are a few human blunders suitable to work if the topic of the study is percentages. These came from the hilarious Oxymoronica by Dr. Mardy Grothe. "If […]

16 May

Towards having good teachers

TweetThis business of math education never ceases to amaze me. The recent math advisory panel put emphasis on preparation of math teachers and their status. In another post I mentioned a bewildering incompatibility the low status of Japanese teachers and the relative success of Japanese students in international studies. Regarding the teacher preparation, it is […]

15 May

A lesson in percentages

TweetThe Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) attracted volunteers from about 55 countries who knew the dangers they were facing in that bloody conflict. Nevertheless, they came in substantial numbers to join the ranks of the Popular Front. The following passages have been plucked from an article A Prologue to WWII in the Jerusalem Post by Ervin […]

15 May

Arithmetic in the news

TweetThe visit of President Bush on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of establishment of Israel received a wide news coverage. There was a persistent speculation that the president will bring along some parting gifts, perhaps as a substitute for releasing Jonathan Pollard from incarceration that lasted well beyond any reasonable and moral norms. One possibility discussed […]

11 May

Natural Introduction to Addition of Fractions

TweetHow to divide evenly 5 apples between 6 boys if you are only permitted to cut an apple into not more than 4 pieces?  The answer is remarkably simple and the approach serves an excellent motivation for the process of adding two fractions.  First divide 3 apples into halves giving each boy a half, 1/2. Then divide […]

08 May

Status of a math teacher

TweetIt was quite a while, yes. Since the last posting I happened to obtain the new book Sacred Geometry by Tony Rothman and Fukagawa Hidetoshi. The book is exceptional in the breadth and depth of its coverage of Japanese mathematics starting with its origins in China and evolving into wasan, especially during the period of […]

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