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26 Mar

The Panel is Cheating

TweetThe final report of the math advisory panel is out. At 120 pages long, it may take time to fully analyze the document. Do not know if I am going to do that. My interest in the document has faded upon reading a few pages of the Executive summary. Here is a couple of examples. […]

23 Mar

Isoperimetric Theorem for Rectangles

TweetA particular case of the Isoperimetric Theorem says that among all rectangles of a given perimeter, the square has the largest area. (This is of course equivalent to the claim that among all rectangles of a given area the square has the least perimeter.) This particular case of the general theorem is so simple that […]

11 Mar

Money well spent?

TweetThe National Mathematics Advisory Panel, appointed by President Bush in 2006 has arrived at some conclusions. First of all, the panel that included representatives from both sides of the great math education divide has declined to take sides, saying the group agreed only on the content that students must master, not the best way to […]

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